In-Home/Remote Computer Repair & IT Services:

  • Virus/malware/adware/pop-up scan/removal
  • Troubleshoot web browser redirects and fake scare warning screens
  • Help with recovery of forgotten passwords and hacked accounts
  • PC slowdown issues
  • Software installation and troubleshoot errors
  • Microsoft Office help
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Preventative/proactive maintenance
  • Email setup/customization
  • Block intrusive ads and unsolicited junk email
  • Upgrades (solid state hard drive, additional memory, etc.)
  • Wireless router & Internet set-up
  • Wi-Fi optimization and troubleshooting
  • New computer set-up & transferring settings and programs from an old computer
  • All-in-one printer setup
  • TV streaming media device setup
  • Smart speaker / voice assistant device setup
  • Wireless camera and security device setup
  • Computer data back-up solutions
  • Diagnose misc. software or hardware problems
  • Telecom bill audit/review to help you save money on your phone/internet/TV services
  • & much more

One-on-One tutoring:

  • CT-Tuturong“The Basics” to specifics including…
  • Online meetings and video calling
  • Online shopping – account setup & ordering
  • Syncing and backing up your smartphone or other mobile device
  • Make your own CD’s or DVD’s of music, video or data back-up
  • Customize and un-clutter your computer desktop
  • Using a Scanner
  • Sharing pictures with friends and family
  • Internet, E-Mail & Password Security
  • Keyboard shortcuts to common tasks
  • Reducing SPAM with e-mail filters and address management
  • Programming the clock on your VCR
  • & much more. Download our Tutoring Worksheet

In-Shop Service:

Computer Techs provides in-home and remote computer technical services, and most jobs can be completed in 1 to 2 hours. Sometimes it may be best to take your computer to a shop for repair rather than having a computer technician come to your house. Click here for more information about our shop partners.