In-Shop Service

Computer Techs provides in-home and remote computer technical services, and most jobs can be completed in 1 to 2 hours. Sometimes it may be best to take your computer to a shop for repair rather than having a computer technician come to your house.

For example, if your computer is not starting up or if it is experiencing hardware failures, such as a failing hard drive or a faulty power supply, it may be best to take it to a shop. This is because these types of issues can be complex and may require specialized tools, equipment and ordering of parts to diagnose and repair. Complex hardware repairs typically take more than 2 hours to diagnose and resolve, and could potentially get very expensive with an in-home technician charging by the hour. Additionally, if your computer is under warranty, you may need to take it to an authorized repair shop in order to have the repair covered by the warranty.

Examples of repairs that we do not recommend being done on-site include:

  • Laptop or other portable device hardware repairs of any kind
  • Troubleshooting hardware issues with custom-built / non-OEM computers
  • Troubleshooting infrequent or random issues that wouldn’t necessarily happen in a 1-2 hour on-site appointment

Computer Techs has partnered with a select few local and reputable repair shops for situations where it’s best to take your computer into a repair shop. For Windows PCs, please call 775-562-0700 to be transferred directly. For other operating systems, please call us at 775-624-6888.