We’re not just computer techs – we can help with most tech gadgets too

Filed under: Tech Support - Jun 22 2010

Do you need help with transferring your pictures from a digital camera or cell phone? Or perhaps transferring music to an iPod or iPad? We can help with most technology gadgets. Below is a sample of some of the gadgets we’ve recently helped setup:

1. Digital camera – taking pictures at optimal size, transferring to the computer, editing and sharing them.

2. iPod – Converting CDs to play on an iPod and creating playlists for multiple family members.

3. iPhone, Blackberry & other smart phones – wirelessly connecting devices to personal wireless broadband network to minimize carrier data charges while at home.

4. iPad/iPod Touch – Setup in-home wireless internet access and iTunes account to enable purchase of eBooks, games and other apps.

5. DVD player & other set-top devices – Setup internet access to enable streaming Netflix movie & TV show rentals.

6. Wii, Xbox, Playstation – Setup in-home wireless internet access to enable updating the gaming device software and allow game-play with players from anywhere.

7. Free PC-to-PC video chat – Setup web camera, headset and free Skype account for talking and (optionally) seeing the other person.

Call us if you need help with any tech gadget, because we’re not only computer help experts.

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2 Responses to “We’re not just computer techs – we can help with most tech gadgets too”

  1. Valerie Isert Says:

    I am interested in listening to and sometimes watching radio/TV programs at times other then when they are broadcast on radio or TV. Specifically, the TV programs I don’t need to view but just listen to like Charlie Rose interviews on PBS. What are the most reliable products should I consider and why?

    At the moment I am satisfied with my cell phone that I purchased a number of years ago. I do not know what the advantages might be to upgrading to a new cell phone.

    V. Isert

  2. Admin Says:

    The most reliable product would be your computer – pbs.org or Hulu.com websites. Here’s an article I wrote about it here

    If you want to watch on your TV, a Roku box is probably the best choice – but video quality is hit-and-miss and the selection is not nearly as good as your computer.

    A new “smart phone” would let you send-and-receive e-mail, go to web pages, play music and video, and use apps – which are smart phone programs. A few apps that I use on my iPhone include:

    Bank of America – I can log into my bank, check balances and items that have been cleared, pay bills, transfer funds

    Square – Process credit card transactions on my smart phone

    Skype – Make video phone calls

    Grocery IQ – Scan UPC bar codes to make a grocery list, check off items as I’ve picked them up in the store sorted by aisle, and it syncs to my wife’s iPhone (the grocery list is shared so we can both add to it).

    TuneIn Radio – Listen to thousands of live radio steams from across the world

    Google Shopper – Scan bar codes from items in stores and compare prices with other retailers on the internet or nearby

    Netflix – Watch movies on my smart phone

    Sling Player – Watch my home TV anywhere on my smart phone

    MapQuest – A GPS device on my smart phone, which gives me turn-by-turn directions with spoken street names as I travel.

    Google Places – Find stores, gas stations, restaurants, and any other kind of business nearby using the phone’s GPS to tell the app where I am.

    Words with friends – An addictive Scrabble-like game that you can play with friends who have the same app installed on their smart phone.

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