Is your Computer Tech with Computer Techs?

Filed under: Tech Support - Jan 02 2009

2009 is Computer Tech’s 6th year in business. Since I started the business in 2003 we have serviced established relationships with approximately 1500 customers. Last year we performed service on approximately 1000 computers. I take great pride in people being able to trust Computer Techs, and know that we provide a great deal of computer experience.

Over the years techs have come and gone, and some I had to let go due to ethics or reliability issues. Occasionally I will be informed about a previous Computer Techs tech that is doing business independently but still using resources and supplies that were provided by Computer Techs. Computer Techs provides Work Order receipts, business cards, an answering service, advertising and licensing requirements for our current techs.

If it has been a while since you’ve contacted your previous tech for service please visit our contact web page to verify if he/she is still working for Computer Techs. If a phone number and e-mail address is listed, that tech is currently working for Computer Techs.