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Yahoo stops forwarding email for free email accounts

Filed under: Computing Tips,Uncategorized - Jan 15 2021

If you have a free Yahoo or AT&T/Yahoo email account and use the forwarding feature to send your email to another email address (i.e., you may have noticed that forwarding stopped in January 2021.

As Yahoo’s help article explains, you can upgrade and pay for the ability to forward your email again. Alternatively you can use a feature in Gmail and other email services to check emails from Yahoo (or other) accounts and bring them into your favorite email service automatically.

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Canceling your TV service – streaming TV over the internet

Filed under: Uncategorized - Aug 18 2019

Though we typical help people with their computers and internet service, we frequently get asked about canceling TV service and switching to streaming – aka TV via the internet. Consumer Reports recently published some helpful and informative articles about canceling your TV service. Some of those articles include:

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