Free and inexpensive backup options means there’s no excuse for your data not being backed up

Filed under: Computing Tips,Tech Support - Jan 06 2015
Why Backup?

Updated September 2018:

Accidents and disasters happen. Hard drives fail. Portable devices get lost or stolen. New viruses encrypt data then charge ransom to unlock it. Fortunately data backup is not expensive anymore, so there’s no excuse for your data not being backed up. If you don’t know how to backup, we can setup a solution based on your needs.

A backup means that your important documents, pictures, music, emails, contacts, etc. exist in more than one location, in the event that the primary data is lost.

Computers should be backed up to an external hard drive, or a “Cloud” synchronization service such as Google Backup and Sync, Microsoft OneDrive, or Carbonite.

Smartphones and tablets should be backed up to services provided by the maker of the phone’s operating system such as Apple’s iCloud or Google’s Android backup & sync settings.

If you’re not sure how to backup your computer and devices, please contact us to setup an appointment so that we can help you start your backup routine today.

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