Are you prepared if you lost access to your data or email tomorrow?

Filed under: Computing Tips,Security - Dec 03 2013

Updated April 1, 2019:

It not a matter of if your hard drive will fail – it’s when. The average life of a hard drive is 5 years. Your computer’s hard drive stores all of your documents, pictures, music and other important files that you keep on your computer. Are you prepared if tomorrow a virus locks you out of all of your files, your hard drive fails, or your data is stolen or damaged by fire or natural disaster? Now is the time to backup your important data – before disaster strikes.

I use 3 methods for data backup, and it is recommended that you backup your data similarly. I perform a daily computer image backup of my entire hard drive to an external hard drive attached to my computer. Secondly I use Carbonite to automatically backup my data twice daily via the internet to a secure data center in Utah. Lastly I sync/backup my Documents folder to DropBox or Google Drive, so that I can also easily access my frequently used files from multiple computers and devices.

Are you prepared if you lost access to your email account? If a hacker found out your password or security questions, they could delete all of your contacts or lock you out of your account forever. But if you setup 2-step verification for email access before a hacker does – you can easily regain access to your account. 2-step verification often involves allowing your email provider to send a text message to your phone if someone tries to access your email account, or if you forget your password. Click here to find out how to do it.

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