What to do with old computer equipment

Filed under: Computing Tips - Apr 04 2013

Updated March 2020:

We often are asked what should be done with old computers, monitors or other electronic equipment. Due to the hazardous materials and metals in electronic equipment, they can’t be just thrown in the garbage.

If you are getting rid of an old computer, it is recommended that your personal data be wiped from the drive. If you’re giving an old computer to a friend or family member a new user account can be created, then your old user account(s) should be deleted. If the computer is being donated or recycled, the hard drive (which stores all of your personal data) should be removed and stored in a secure location – or wiped with an irrecoverable data destruction program. We have access to such programs, or can recommend one if you’d like to do it yourself. We can also remove the hard drive from your old computer.

If you have unused gadgets such as laptops, cell phones, portable music players, digital cameras or LCD monitors you can get cash for your unused gadgets.

Your computer equipment can also be recycled, donated or destroyed:

  • If you’d like a donation receipt for your old computer equipment, Disability Resources Inc./New2U Computers is a local organization that supplies computers to the low-income with physical or learning disabilities. New2U Computers is the sales branch/store front of Disability Resources where they refurbish and resell used computer equipment. For more information, see their website: https://www.new2ucomputers.org/
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