Tablet sales slowing as people discover things you can’t do with a tablet

Filed under: Computing Tips - Jul 26 2013

iPad & Samsung Galaxy TabSales of the iPad and Android-based tablet computers have skyrocketed in the past few years. People have discovered that tablets can be a handy secondary computing device, but they still can’t completely replace their desktop or laptop computer. Below are some of the things that you cannot do with a tablet and other drawbacks.

  • Typing and navigating around a touch-screen device can be challenging compared to the precision of a keyboard and mouse. A physical keyboard is only available as an extra stand-alone item, and there is no mouse pointing-device available.
  • Some websites do not display properly (or at all) on a tablet’s web browser. Websites that require Flash Player, Java or other browser plugins will not work.
  • Printing is available on some devices but limited to basic settings, and forget about printing decent quality pictures.
  • There’s no Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) yet, however Apple’s productivity apps and Google Drive are good alternatives if you don’t mind the learning curve.
  • Tablets do not have a CD/DVD player, nor a way to transfer files from a USB flash drive or external hard drive.
  • You cannot view more than one app at the same time on a tablet screen.
  • The hardware and battery are not user replaceable. For the most part if your tablet breaks, you have to buy a new one rather than repair it.

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