Save time & money with online banking

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Updated September 2013:

Most banks offer online banking services which let you check account balances and cleared transactions, transfer funds between accounts and pay bills directly from your bank account without writing and mailing a check.

I have been using internet banking for over 10 years.  My favorite feature is Bill Pay – the ability to schedule bill payments that will be automatically deducted from my checking account on a future date that I specify. I pay utility bills, car payments, credit cards bills and even my lawn care company using the bill pay service that my bank offers. I not only save time, I also save money because I no longer have to buy stamps or worry about checks getting delayed or lost in the mail.

Bank of America has online tutorials on how to use Bill Pay and other features of online banking – your bank may offer similar tutorials.

Online banking on your computer, tablet or smart phone is secure because transactions are encrypted between your device and the bank’s computers. Banks require the use of a secure username and password and other authentication measures to help prevent unauthorized access to online accounts. In many ways online banking is safer than handing your credit card to a server at a restaurant, or having your checking or credit card account information being handled in the mail.

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