Need a new printer? Why you should consider getting laser vs. inkjet

Filed under: Computing Tips - Nov 09 2014

When purchasing a new printer, there are several reasons you should consider getting laser vs. inkjet.

We are frequently asked to troubleshoot printing problems with inkjet printers. With Nevada’s dry climate, the ink in inkjet printers often dries out and clogs the ink cartridges and print heads, thus reducing print quality or completely rendering the printer useless. Though inkjet printers are usually less expensive, the cost of the ink and repair can make it a more expensive investment in the long run.

Pros of laser printers:

  • The toner powder that’s used in laser printer toner lasts longer than ink – you may only have to change it every few years.
  • Cost per page of toner vs. ink is lower.
  • The toner isn’t susceptible to drying up or clogging the printer.
  • Laser printers print faster.

Cons of laser printers:

  • The initial equipment cost of a laser printer is usually more expensive.
  • Laser printers can’t print high quality photos.
  • All-in-one laser printers are usually larger and may not fit if you have a small space to place your printer.

More information about the choosing a printer can be found in the Consumer Reports Printer Buying Guide.


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