Are you frustrated with your Internet provider’s email “service”

Filed under: Computing Tips - Dec 04 2014

Updated October 2019:

The 2 major Internet service providers in Reno – AT&T and Charter/Spectrum – offer free email addresses as part of their service. But the email “service” is an afterthought which they don’t make any money on. AT&T’s email is provided by Yahoo, has a history of being hacked and is often filled with advertisements. Charter’s email interface is slow and clunky. Spam filtering on both services is poor to non-existent. Both AT&T and Charter also let you view your email on an email app on your computer or mobile device, but syncing between devices and web browsers is often problematic, and syncing your contacts isn’t possible with Charter/Spectrum’s service.

Fortunately there are very good alternatives to AT&T’s and Charter’s email, and you can continue to use your present email address if you choose. Google’s Gmail and Microsoft’s offer better security, spam filtering and less advertising – all free of charge.

If you’re frustrated with your Internet service provider’s email, contact us to customize an email solution to your needs.

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