Why You May Still Need a Computer Even If You Have a Tablet

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Tablets have become a popular mobile device that fits a gap between the personal computer and the smartphone. It’s not always convenient to go to your computer to look up a website, and smartphone screens are so small that the experience just isn’t the same.

When lounging on the sofa or traveling, tablets can provide a good experience for shopping online, browsing certain sites, or accessing social media. But, they do have limitations and aren’t a full replacement for a desktop or laptop PC.

Statistics seem to back this up. While the iPad was first introduced over a decade ago (in 2010), tablets still only represent about 3% of devices used on the web. In comparison, smartphones make up 61% and desktop computers make up 36%.

If you’ve been wondering if you can just get by with a tablet and leave your computer behind, here are some things you’ll want to take into consideration.

Limited Apps 

Computers are designed to run just about any app or software that you may have, but tablets are mobile devices and thus can only use mobile apps. They can’t install software as PCs can.

This limits the types of things you can do because you can only access digital tools that have an app designed for tablets. You may also find that the app experience isn’t the same as when using software on your computer.

Not All Websites Are Mobile Friendly

Some websites are still not mobile-friendly. This means that you could end up unable to navigate a site easily if you only have a tablet to access it. When using a PC, you have a larger screen and it can be easier to enter information into website forms.

More Difficult to Type on a Small Keypad

When using a tablet you have a keypad to use instead of a keyboard. This can make it harder to type and make it take longer to type up a report or do any type of writing.

Mobile screens also have keypads that hide and appear depending on the actions you take, this can make it harder to type because if you accidentally brush the touch screen, you can end up losing your keypad.

A computer is going to give you a better typing experience for several reasons:

  • The keyboard is larger
  • The keyboard doesn’t hide
  • You can actually press the buttons
  • Less chance of hitting the wrong key
  • Many PC keyboards have a number pad on the right-side

Larger Screen Size

While tablet screens are larger than smartphones, they are typically much smaller than a computer monitor or laptop screen. Smaller screens make it more difficult to read certain websites unless you zoom in. But then you may end up losing your navigation bar or where you are on the page.

A larger screen also allows you to better multitask and have two windows up on the screen at the same time. Many tablets only allow one app on the screen at a time, and it can be annoying to have to continually close out and reopen apps to go back and forth between them.

A computer allows you to have multiple apps and windows open at once. You can even add a second monitor to a computer if you like to give yourself even more screen space.

Can’t Add Upgrades (Memory, Storage, etc.)

Computers tend to last longer than tablets because they have the ability to have upgrades added. You can upgrade computer memory, storage, and other components to improve performance and capacity.

One easy upgrade that can be done is to add memory (aka RAM). This can speed up a computer considerably. Storage can also be added to increase the number of files you can save on the hard drive. These types of upgrades can give you more years of usable life out of your PC.

On the other hand, tablets can’t be upgraded in this same way. So, once the storage on your tablet is full, you have to remove files or purchase a new one. Things like memory upgrades also aren’t pertinent to tablets. So, if you notice yours slowing down, you won’t have the same options as you do with a computer.

Not As Many Accessories

There are thousands of different accessories that you can use with a computer, such as printers, headsets, scanners, CD drives, and more. You are much more limited as to the types of devices you can use with a tablet. For example, you may only be able to print wirelessly, but not attach your device to a printer.

Would You Like a Faster Computer?

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