Spectrum advertising symmetric internet speeds in the Reno area

As part of a multi-year nationwide upgrade to Charter’s Spectrum Internet service announced in December, this week they began advertising the availability of symmetric internet speeds at Reno area addresses. The Reno area is one of the first markets to be upgraded as part of their 3-year plan. Symmetric speeds are the same download and uploads speeds, which until now has only been offered in the area by AT&T’s Fiber service.

Before this week’s change, Spectrum was advertising download/upload speeds of 300/10, 500/20 and 1000/35. Depending on the area, speeds are now being advertised as 300/300, 500/500 and 1000/1000 (1 Gbps).

The faster upload speeds that were previously only available through fiber internet connections can help improve video quality when participating in video calls, and allow faster uploading of files to cloud backup and synchronization services.

As of this post Spectrum has not announced when the faster upload speeds will be available to existing subscribers.

A chat with OpenAI about Streaming TV vs Cable TV

A new chatbot called “ChatGPT” that tests what AI (Artificial Intelligence) can do has been all the rage this week. So I decided to have a conversation with the chatbot about Streaming TV vs Cable TV, and our unedited conversation is below. You can sign-up and have a conversation with the chatbot yourself at https://openai.com/

What are the advantages and disadvantages of streaming tv versus cable or satellite tv?

There are several advantages and disadvantages to streaming TV as compared to cable or satellite TV.

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