What is AI Chat and how does it make searching the Internet better?

In the past few months, AI (Artificial Intelligence) Chat has come to light as a new conversational way to search the internet. To compose the rest of this article I asked Google’s Bard chatbot and Microsoft’s Bing chatbot “What is AI Chat and how does it make searching the Internet better?”. Below are the responses I received.

According to Google’s Bard:

“AI chat is a new way to search the internet. It uses artificial intelligence to understand your questions and provide you with answers in a conversational way. This can be much more helpful than traditional search engines, which often return a list of links that you have to click through to find the information you’re looking for.

With AI chat, you can just ask your question and the AI will provide you with an answer, or a series of answers, in real time. This can be much faster and more efficient than traditional search engines.

AI chat can also be more helpful because it can understand your context. For example, if you ask “What is the best restaurant in San Francisco?”, the AI will take into account your location and other factors to provide you with a list of restaurants that are relevant to you.

Overall, AI chat is a new and innovative way to search the internet that can be much more helpful than traditional search engines. It is still in its early stages of development, but it has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with the internet.

Here are some of the ways AI chat can make searching the internet better:

  • It can provide you with more accurate and relevant results.
  • It can save you time by helping you find the information you need faster.
  • It can be more user-friendly, as it allows you to interact with the search engine in a more natural way.
  • It can be more interactive, as it allows you to ask follow-up questions and get additional information.
  • It can be more personalized, as it can tailor the results to your specific needs and interests.

Overall, AI chat has the potential to revolutionize the way we search the internet. It can provide us with more accurate, relevant, and timely results, and it can do so in a more user-friendly and interactive way.”

According to Microsoft’s Bing “Ask me anything…”

“AI Chat refers to a program that simulates human conversations using natural language processing (NLP) ³. Chatbots are programmed to address users’ needs independently of a human operator ³. AI Chat can improve searching the internet by providing more accurate and relevant results ¹. However, conversational AI is far from applicable to every kind of search ¹. Bing has integrated an AI language model into its search engine which is more powerful than ChatGPT ² and can understand context and reply back in a humane way ⁴.

I hope this helps!

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I followed up by clicking “examples of AI Chat”

“There are many examples of AI Chatbots available today. Some of them include Zoho SalesIQ, Tidio Chat, Landbot, ChatBot, Manychat, FreshChat, Tars ¹. Other examples include Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon Echo, and Facebook Messenger ². Automat.ai is another example of a conversational AI software with exceptional listening skills that “understands every customer” and has a built-in product recommendation engine that serves up personalized suggestions and engages customers to provide superior shopping experiences ³.

I hope this helps!

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Don’t overbuy: How to save money on your Internet service

Updated August 2023:

  • Now that the wireless carriers are offering Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) Internet service in many areas, there’s more choices for internet speeds and service levels. However, it may not be as reliable.
  • You may be able to downgrade the speed provided by your current Internet provider to save money with little or no noticeable difference.
  • Consider bundling home Internet and wireless service to save money.

Traditional wired Internet service often offers different speed tiers and priced at the speed of the internet connection you can expect at your Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) modem/gateway.

In the Reno area as of May 2023, Charter’s Spectrum service offers Internet speeds of 300 Megabits per second (Mbps), 500 Mbps and 1000 Mbps (1 Gbps or often referred 1 Gig). AT&T’s xDSL Internet service offers slower download speeds ranging from less than 1 Mbps to 100 Mbps, but with their fiber-to-the-home service, speeds range from 300-5000 Mbps (5 Gbps).

In July 2022 T-Mobile began offering wireless home internet service in the Reno area via Fixed Wireless Access (FWA). Download speeds are advertised at 30-245 Mbps, which is fast enough to stream UHD/4K video quality. In May 2023 Verizon has began offering FWA in limited parts of the Reno area, with download speeds advertised at 85-300 Mbps. AT&T’s Internet Air is expected to become available in the Reno area later this year with download speeds varying from 40-140 Mbps.

FWA is cheaper, but can be less reliable

Thought FWA is often cheaper, unlike xDSL, Cable or Fiber Internet, FWA can be less reliable since the service is shared with hundreds or thousands of other users in your area using the same cell tower/node. Therefore speeds during peak times can be slower, or during an extended power outage you could temporarily lose service altogether. Before considering FWA, check out “5G” Home Internet vs. Spectrum Internet.

Save money by choosing a slower Internet speed plan

Count on spending at least $50/month for reliable internet service, but anything above $80/month is probably unnecessary for small households. If you’re on a faster speed tier with your Internet Service Provider, you can save money by switching to a lower speed plan.

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