Is it time to replace your Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi enables you to use your computing devices wirelessly throughout your home. If your Wi-Fi router or internet gateway (provided by your internet provider) is over 5 years old, it’s time to replace it with newer, more secure technology.

Over time security flaws have been found in the Wi-Fi protocol that’s used in all routers and gateways, and patches have been released as firmware updates for only the newest routers manufactured in the past few years.

A benefit of replacing your Wi-Fi not only fixes current known security vulnerabilities, a new Wi-Fi router can increase the range, reliability and speed of your Wi-Fi connections. The latest mesh networking technology can blanket your home in wireless coverage using 2 or more linked Wi-Fi radios.

You may have to contact your internet service provider to have your Wi-Fi updated. To find out if you need new Wi-Fi, contact us to for an evaluation of your current Wi-Fi equipment.

How to tell what version of Windows is on your computer

It’s been widely publicized that Microsoft ended support for Windows XP in April 2014. Some people have been asking how to tell what version of Windows their computer has. One easy way to tell is to look at “Start” button which is usually located in the lower-left corner of the desktop screen.

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