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New Computer Buying Advice for 2024: The dangers of using an out-of-date operating system – Windows 10 coming to an end – Why you need a SSD (5/16/24)

Computing News & Tips, and Public Newsletters (2014-present):

May24 Public Newsletter: Your questions answered about QR Codes and “The Cloud” (5/7/24)

Apr24 Quick Read: How scammers use info leaked in data breaches to trick you – NEVER call a number that pops up on your screen or in an unsolicited email/text (4/17/24)

Apr24 Public Newsletter: Stay Informed: Protect Yourself from Tech Support Scams and Credential Stuffing! (4/3/24)

Mar24 Public Newsletter: How YOU can use AI today – Maximizing Battery Life in Your Devices (3/4/24)

Feb24 Quick Read: Video of the month, when it’s time for a new computer/device, new scam detector website (2/19/24)

Feb24 Public Newsletter: Do you need to pay for antivirus? Spectrum’s faster internet speeds (2/5/24)

Jan24 Public Newsletter: Kick Off the New Year with Tech Savings and Video Recommendations! (1/3/24)

Dec23 Quick Read: The “Pig Butchering” Scam – Why Microsoft is pushing their “Edge” browser – Your Scam Resource is here (12/27/23)

Dec23 Public Newsletter: FBI warning: Cyber criminals impersonating popular brands | Computer/device buying advice for the holiday season (12/4/23)

Nov23 Quick Read: How to reduce junk email – Now’s a good time for a new computer/device – Save money on your telecom bills – (11/15/23)

Nov23 Public Newsletter: Passkeys slowly replacing passwords for account logins | Saving on TV service (11/2/23)

Oct23 Quick Read: Read how a 77-year-old widow lost her life savings in a common scam | Update your account recovery methods | How to troubleshoot and fix many computer problems | Update: Outlook for Windows (10/19/23)

Oct23 Public Newsletter: Save money on your wireless service | Google Chrome’s new Ad Privacy settings (10/2/23)

Sept23 Public Newsletter: Charter Spectrum requiring Internet equipment upgrade | Shopping for a new computer? (9/5/23)

Aug23 Public Newsletter: Saving Money and Safeguarding Against Scammers (8/9/23)

Aug23 Quick Read: FBI Warns of Scammers New Techniques | How to Navigate Through “Dark Patterns” on Websites and Apps (8/2/23)

July23 Public Newsletter: Should you really “cut the cord” to save money on TV service? | How to manage your passwords – easily and safely (7/12/23)

Jun23 3-minute read: New Windows Mail app alternative • Adobe Reader upgrade you don’t need • Text Message Scams (6/28/23)

June23 Public Newsletter: Keep Your Smartphone Secure | Save Money on Internet Service (6/14/23)

May23 3-minute read: Can you spot a “phishing”/scam email? • Manage your passwords easily and safely 😳 • Save money on Internet service (5/18/23)

May23 Public Newsletter: Browse the Internet with Ease Using These Simple Tips – What is AI Chat and how does it make searching the Internet better? (5/2/23)

Apr23 Public Newsletter: An Antivirus Won’t Protect You From User Error – You May Not Be Using All The Great Features of Your Browser (4/3/23)

Mar23: Read these 5 tips now so that you don’t become a scam victim • Watch a short video about the top scam going on now 😳 • We can help you with… (3/22/23)

Mar23 Public Newsletter: Use This Simple Method to Spot Dangerous Emails – How to Properly Clean Your Devices (3/13/23)

Feb23 Public Newsletter: Tips for Keeping Your Online Banking from Being Hacked – How to Tell if Your Computer Has Your Computer Been Hacked, or Just a Scam (2/20/23)

Jan23 3-minute read: Social engineering scams more common than viruses • Should you upgrade to Windows 11? • What to do if you’ve let a scammer access your device (1/31/23)

Jan23 Public Newsletter: How does a Virtual Doctor Visit Work? – Get the Most Out of Your Smart Speaker (1/10/23)

Dec22 Public Newsletter: Top Tips for Secure Online Holiday Shopping – Chromebook vs Laptop (12/13/22)

Dec22 3-minute read: When you need to replace your computer • Be careful what you search for • New map shows all internet providers available at your home (12/2/22)

Nov22 Public Newsletter: Taskbar Icons: What Do They Mean? • Should You Install a Device Update Now…or Later? (11/2/22)

Oct22 3-minute read: Holiday technology buying guide • How to spot fake invoices • Update your recovery information before you get locked out (10/27/22)

Oct22 Public Newsletter: Are you Cybersecurity Aware? Tips for Organizing Gmail (10/18/22)

Sept22 3-minute read: Stay out of trouble with our updated scam info. • AT&T email users experiencing login issues • Windows 8 being retired soon (9/29/22)

Sept22 Public Newsletter: Is Zelle safe to use? – How to tell if you might be infected with malware (9/1/22)

Aug22 Public Newsletter: 5 Browser Features You Might Not Be Using – QR Codes Explained (8/15/22)

Aug22: NEVER do this when using your computer • Spectrum internet speed bump may require a new modem • We’ve been helping people with… (8/1/22)

Jul22 Public Newsletter: How to Browse Privately to Avoid Relentless Ads – Watch Out for These Dangerous Text Messages – Is it Time to Replace your Wi-Fi? (7/4/22)

Jun22: How to spot a fake email invoice • How to protect your smartphone from hackers • New option for home internet (6/24/22)

Jun22 Public Newsletter: An Antivirus Can’t Protect You from Everything! – “The Cloud” explained – Why you should avoid online surveys (6/1/22)

Apr22: Can you spot a “phish”? • Don’t get locked out of your email • Why blocking email addresses or phone numbers is ineffective (4/20/22)

Apr22 Public Newsletter: Wondering How Your Password Ended Up in a Breach? – Why You May Still Want a Computer Even If You Have a Tablet – How to Save Money on Internet (4/6/22)

Mar22: You should wait to upgrade to Windows 11 • What to do if your computer is “blocked” by a scare screen • When NOT to unsubscribe from email (3/24/22)

Mar22 Public Newsletter: Search Gmail like a pro – Why you probably don’t need a VPN – Should you drop your cable/satellite service? (3/8/22)

Feb22: How to save money on your internet service • Change these Facebook settings now • Understanding 3G vs 5G vs 5 GHz (2/23/22)

Feb22 Public Newsletter: Google isn’t evil, why we like Google – Is Your Mobile Number at Risk of Being Stolen? (2/8/22)

Jan22: How to recognize fraudulent emails • Will 2022 be the year that you finally manage your online accounts and passwords? • Scams to avoid (1/25/22)

Dec21: Two new iPhone features you should turn on now • Microsoft pushing new Windows 11, Edge browser updates • Protect your mobile number from hackers (12/29/21)

Nov21: Check out our educational video playlist on YouTube • Google requiring 2-Step Verification • The 12 scams of Christmas (11/30/21)

Oct21: What you need to know about Windows 11 • 10-digit dialing required this month • The most common scam is… (10/14/21)

Jul-Aug21: What we know about Windows 11 • Read this before giving your money to a scammer • We can help you with more than just computers… (8/3/21)

Jun21: Billing scams • Reveal passwords stored in your browser – and check for the logins exposed in data breaches • Watch scammers caught in the act (6/19/21)

May21: Latest scams to avoid • 10-digit dialing required by October • Chip shortage • Yahoo/AOL sold off (5/13/21)

4/1/21: Internet crimes up 69% in 2020 • How to make articles easier to read in your web browser • FTC Identity Theft website guides victims through the recovery process (4/1/21)

Jan-Feb21: Fake Amazon scams you need to be aware of • Storing passwords in your browser • Easily access previous tips newsletters (2/12/21)

Dec20: Massive government and business computer systems hack – what you should do ASAP • Goodbye Flash Player • Your old cellphone may stop working soon (12/28/20)

Nov20: Help with more than computer repair • Holiday computer buying advice • Scammers are targeting seniors – take the quiz (11/25/20)

Oct20: Please print and save this important information about tech support and financial scams from the FTC (10/14/20)

Sep20: Create passwords that you can remember • How to fix most printer problems • How to avoid being scammed (9/3/20)

July20: New scams to be aware of • Watch the world from home • How to send a message from your phone correctly (7/31/20)

Jun20: This month’s most common scams that you need to be aware of – take the quiz • Ad blockers becoming less effective (6/29/20)

May20: Why you don’t need to buy AntiVirus for your device • Is it time to replace or optimize your Wi-Fi? • Other articles you may have missed (5/27/20)

Late Apr20: Scams and hacking on the rise – what you need to know • All about Zoom meetings • The dangers of reusing the same password (4/20/20)

Apr20: A majority of our customers take advantage of our Remote Support service • Help with shopping online & home delivery • Filling out your census information online (4/2/20)

Mar20: Remote service available! • How to clean and disinfect your computer and mobile devices • Be proactive about computer maintenance (3/17/20)

Jan-Feb20: Don’t let phishing emails trick you into divulging personal information • What to do if you still have Windows 7 • Why you should keep your computer ON when not in use (1/31/20)

Oct19: Support for Windows 7 winding down – everything you need to know • Basic computer troubleshooting tips • Top 5 scams to watch out for (10/21/19)

Aug19: Windows 10 semi-annual update cycle explained • Credit Monitoring vs. Identity Theft Protection • Canceling your TV service (8/26/19)

Jul19: Why you should never unsubscribe from certain emails • Listen to scam calls so you don’t fall victim • AT&T changes email login procedure (7/29/19)

Jun19: How ads follow you around the internet • Have your Google data automatically delete after you die • Windows 7 to be retired in January (6/25/19)

Apr19: Are you prepared if you lost your data? • Is it time to replace your Wi-Fi? • Windows 7 to be retired January 2020 (4/11/19)

Special Edition to Save & Print: How to Spot a Tech Support Scam – Information from the FTC (4/2/19)

Mar19: Mozy discontinuing free online backup – here’s your options • Security cameras may require a Wi-Fi upgrade • New browser add-on informs you when you’re entering a leaked password (3/5/19)

Jan19: Windows 7 to be retired in less than a year • Check to see if your email was exposed in a data breach • Tips for navigating the new Gmail and AT&T/Yahoo Mail interfaces. (1/31/19)

Dec18: Happy Holidays & Important Warnings About Scams to Expect This Time of Year. (12/24/18)

Nov18: Latest Antivirus test results may surprise you • Are you fed up with your internet provider’s email “service”? • Give the gift of computer service. (11/30/18)

Oct18: Be Skeptical – Are you protected against Spectre and Meltdown? – Don’t buy a new computer until you read this – eGift Cards available (10/30/18)

Sep18: You will likely see a fake warning message on your computer – here’s what to do – Is your data safe if your computer crashes? – Don’t pay for anti-virus. (9/13/18)

Jul18: Windows 7 update glitch, don’t let your printer ink dry out, Malvertising & more… (7/25/18)

May18: Microsoft, Apple or your email provider will NEVER call you, or prompt you to call them – take the scam quiz (5/17/18)

Apr18: Yahoo and AOL email privacy policy change allows scanning of your emails – Phony websites disguised as Microsoft error messages – How to find your missing smartphone (4/23/18)

Feb18: Is it time to replace your WiFi? Despite years of warnings about tech support scams, people still falling victim. (2/28/18)

Jan18: 15 years of helping clients at home, Computer & Internet news you need to know (1/24/18)

Nov17: It’s time to stop using Internet Explorer – Top 5 password tips – Why extended warranties are a bad investment (11/28/17)

Oct17: Scam calls from “Apple” – Protecting your identity following the Equifax breach – Use your digital assistant to call for help when you can’t reach the phone (10/13/17)

Sep17: What you need to know about the Equifax data breach – Is your email account easy to access by hackers? – Can you spot all that’s wrong in this screenshot? (9/11/17)

Aug17: Last month several people who didn’t read this newsletter were scammed: Will you be next? (8/16/17)

Jun17: New info on tech support scams & fake email, What you need to know about your AT&T email, LOL computer humor, Get images of your postal mail sent to your email Inbox (6/29/17)

Special Alert 5/15/17: Simple advice on how you can avoid the ransomware attack that’s been in the news recently (5/15/17)

May17: AOL begins charging to use Desktop software – Top 5 computing scams to be aware of (5/4/17)

Apr17: Updated info on AT&T email and why you should ditch your Internet provider’s email – New tech support scams to be aware of – How to backup photos from a smartphone (4/20/17)

Mar17: Recognize a scam by checking your browser address bar, stop using Internet Explorer, RIP Windows Vista, Why trust anyone else to service your computer? (3/8/17)

Feb17: Learn how to recognize fake email, easy-to-remember passwords, improve wireless reception and more… (2/16/17)

Jan17: Support for Windows Vista ends in April, Don’t be fooled by phony pop-up ads and tech support scams (1/31/17)

Dec16: Spend just a minute of time now to save hundreds of $$$ – ‘Tis the season for phony emails (12/13/16)

Nov16: You should ditch AT&T/Yahoo email, easy password management, how to print email (11/15/16)

Oct16: Important New Brief: FTC shuts down phony tech support scammers – yet many more are attempting to fool you and take your money (10/14/16)

Aug16: Email account hacking on the rise – Windows 10 upgrade/downgrade breaks important tasks – Test your computer security knowledge (8/31/16)

Jul16: 42-second video about tech support scams will save you $$$ – Our final Windows 10 Free Upgrade advice – All about cookies and online tracking (7/12/2016)

May16: Microsoft pushing Windows 10, when to “Decline” – Don’t call a number that pops up on your screen – Use Google Photos to manage your pictures (5/26/2016)

Apr16: Give new life to an old computer with a SSD –  A day in the life of a computer technician – Windows Vista end-of-life April 2017 (4/25/2016)

Mar16: Dell customer data being used by remote support scammers – Hacked websites and Malvertising on the rise (don’t be fooled to call a number that pops up on your screen) – Safer searching and surfing with and Google Chrome – Keep your computer secure and up-to-date with our Computer Maintenance Plan (3/8/2016)

Jan16: New Newsletter Design – Our Windows 10 Update Advice in 3 Sentences – Take Control of Your Passwords in 2016 – Don’t Believe Everything That Pops Up on Your Screen – Beware of Search Ads (1/28/2016)

Nov15: How you can avoid our #1 call for help – Windows 10 update – Why you don’t need to pay for Anti-Virus (11/19/2015)

Sep15: Don’t call a phone number that pops up on the screen – Why you shouldn’t install Windows 10 – iOS 9 review (9/26/2015)

Aug15: Windows 10: The Good, Bad & Ugly… How to install AVG Free AntiVirus updates (8/24/2015)

Jul15: Should you upgrade to Windows 10? What to do after allowing a stranger access your computer. Free unlimited photo backup (7/22/2015)

May15: Many of our monthly tech support calls could have been avoided had the caller read our monthly newsletter, store your loyalty cards on your smartphone (5/14/2015)

Apr15: STOP! Don’t let someone you don’t know access your computer – phony tech support could cost you hundreds of dollars (4/20/2015)

Feb15: What you need to do now to avoid ransomware, email and phone support scams; Fill out your Medical ID emergency contact information (2/11/2015)

Jan15: 3 Tech New Year Resolutions: Passwords, Backup & our convenient Maintenance Plan (1/7/2015)

Nov-Dec14: Why your most important password is the one that secures your email, are you frustrated with your Internet provider’s email “service”? (12/9/2014)

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2011-2014 Archives