How to create a secure memorable password system

To help prevent unauthorized access to personal information, many websites require a password that consists of six or more characters, numbers and letters, and uppercase and lowercase letters. Creating a password that meets the requirements and being something you can remember doesn’t have to be a challenge.

I have created a password system that you can use or modify for your own use to create memorable passwords. Benefits of this system are that a different password is used on each website. This is important because if hackers were able to access your password for a particular website, that same password wouldn’t work to access your data on other websites.

The system divides the password into 3 memorable parts that create a secure 10-character password when put together:

Part 1 – First 3 letters of my name [Mar]
Part 2 – First 3 letters of the website – (Yahoo would be [Yah], Google would be [Goo], Amazon would be [Ama], etc.)
Part 3 – 4-digit month & year of my birthdate [0468]

To summarize, my Yahoo password created under this system would be MarYah0468 – created by putting the following segments together: [Mar]+[Yah]+[0468]. Notice that I use uppercase letters as the first letter of each part for added security.

If you’re using a website or service that has been compromised and users are urged to change their password, you could just change the 3rd part to reflect the current month & year:

Part 3 – 4-digit month & year that the password was changed [0916]

To summarize, my Yahoo password changed in September 2016 under this system would be MarYah0916: [Mar]+[Yah]+[0916]

If you keep a written or typed password list, you could display the name of the website and date, while using an underscore “_” for characters of the password that you keep in your mind without showing the entire password.

You should use your own variation of this system. Here’s some suggestions:

• Capitalize the MIDDLE or LAST letter in each part

• Use the first 3 letters of your MIDDLE or LAST name, the name of someone special, or your initials.

• For the numbers part of the system, use a 4-digit number from your graduation year, childhood phone number or street number, or any other permanent easily rememberable number from the past. For added security you could use a different number based on the type of website – for example you could use part of your SS# for financial websites, your graduation year for social networking websites, and birth month+year for everything else.

• Add a special character such as ! ? # at the beginning, end or memorable location in the system.

If you want more ideas for your own password system, you may want to visit the following website for ideas: