Does your computer have adware?

Adware is advertisement-supported software that is usually is bundled with other programs that are downloaded from the internet. For example you may download a free program from the internet, but in order for the website to make money they typically bundle the program with adware, browser toolbars and/or browser hijackers.

These Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) will display advertisements, re-direct your internet search results and even change your browser home/start page. Adware should be removed as soon as possible because the ads often contain popups that report false computer error and update messages that lead to the installation of malware and other more severe computer problems. If your home page gets changed by adware, searching the internet through that page will often lead to untrustworthy and advertising supported search results.

Adware is sometimes avoidable if you carefully read each page as you are installing a program, and uncheck any optional adware boxes before clicking “Next”.

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