How to Keep Money from Being Stolen Through Online Banking

Online banking is one of the most convenient services available and offers individuals, businesses, and organizations a way to quickly and easily manage their finances. Unfortunately, online banking is also vulnerable to all of the same security risks that stem from the virtual nature of the internet. It’s important to take steps to ensure that your hard earned money is secure from theft and fraud.

You wouldn’t want to suddenly realize that your bank account has been drained of your hard-earned cash!

Let’s take a look at ten ways to keep your money safe while banking online.

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A chat with OpenAI about Streaming TV vs Cable TV

A new chatbot called “ChatGPT” that tests what AI (Artificial Intelligence) can do has been all the rage this week. So I decided to have a conversation with the chatbot about Streaming TV vs Cable TV, and our unedited conversation is below. You can sign-up and have a conversation with the chatbot yourself at

What are the advantages and disadvantages of streaming tv versus cable or satellite tv?

There are several advantages and disadvantages to streaming TV as compared to cable or satellite TV.

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